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of the scientific journal "Przestrzeń Społeczna (Social Space)"

Disobedience of thought is the scholar’s duty - Stanisław Ossowski


Przestrzeń Społeczna (Social Space)

Aims and Scopes

        Przestrzeń Społeczna (Social Space) is an interdisciplinary Polish-English bilingual journal of monolingual texts. It includes articles, essays, review essays, progress reports, book reviews, discussions, and commentaries. Taking sociology as a departure point, the journal promotes a dialogue between scientists working in individual social sciences, including social anthropology, social psychology, social geography, political science, cultural studies, etc. It focuses on the interrelation of society and space by balancing between the sociologists’ finding that space does matter and the human geographers’ belief that space itself explains few, if anything. The journal enables rapid publication and discussion on research work for the benefit of each discipline involved.

        The journal publishes theoretical and methodological, as well as firmly theoretically based empirical papers that contribute to a cross-disciplinary debate. A philosophy of the journal is that good theories and strong methodologies are essential for successful practice. Critical texts, including book reviews, are welcome. Both quantitative and qualitative texts are accepted for publication, based on either positivist or humanist methodology, if they meet high standards of scholarly peer-review.

        While the journal intends to be international in scope, papers accurately promoting Polish concepts, theories and points of view, less known in the world literature, are especially welcome. This also applies to manuscripts authored by scientists from outside the core of the world socio-economic system, which give chances of direct discussion with no mediation of the core. Papers may be submitted in English or Polish with English abstracts.

The journal competitors

        Even though social space has been discussed in sociology, there is no journal devoted to social space in Polish sociology and hardly any in world sociology. In this sense therefore the journal fits the niche. Texts in social geography, including those about social space, even highly interesting and essential, are poorly known to sociologists. There is no interdisciplinary journal aimed at social space and no bilingual Polish-English journal, promoting Polish ideas in social sciences to the international readership.

    Manuscripts that fulfil the highest editorial requirements can be published in a few weeks. For these, there is no article submission charges nor article processing charges and no publication fees.

     Przestrzeń Społeczna (Social Space) is indexed in following databases: SCOPUS (Q2), Index Copernicus Journals Master List (ICV=94,34), Arianta, DOAJ, Electronic Journals Library, JournalSeek, BazHum, ERIH+ and Ministerial scoring 70 points.

The subject field

society in space and region

. urban sociology
. sociology of metropolis
. theory and philosophy of space and region
. ecological urban structure
. social space and its perception
. virtual space

territorial collectivities

. the structure of and changes in territorial collectivities on different spatial scales
. territorial identities 
. place and homeland
. globalisation
. globality, locality and glocality

nation, language and religion

. theory of nation
. questions of language
. sacral and profane (urban) spaces 
. borders and borderlands
. frontiers and (de)colonisation

social integration

. inclusion, exclusion and the ghetto
. spatial barriers

spaces of culture

. social and cultural capital
. sociology and anthropology of ordinariness
. gender spaces

methodology of social sciences

spaces of politics and media

. electoral geography
. political marketing
. spaces in the media

geopolitical space

. state, reason of state, national interests
. core and periphery
. political space, geopolitical code and code d’honeur


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